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Revealing Jupiter's Interior NASA's Juno Mission: What's Inside the Giant Planet by Dr. Fran Bagenal

  • Buena Vista Community Center 715 E. Main Street Buena Vista, CO USA (map)

The Juno Mission began orbiting over Jupiter’s poles on July 14, 2016, Dr. Bagenal will share NASA’s findings and more. Juno’s principal goal is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter. Underneath its dense cloud cover, Jupiter safeguards secrets to the fundamental processes and conditions that governed our solar system during its formation. As our primary example of a giant planet, Jupiter can also provide critical knowledge for understanding the planetary systems being discovered around other stars. 

Dr. Fran Bagenal recently retired as professor of astrophysical and planetary sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She continues at CU’s Laboratory as a research scientist to focus on two space missions she has been involved in for the past 15- years: NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Juno mission to Jupiter. Her main area of expertise is the study of charged particles trapped in planetary magnetic fields.